Copy_of_Royal_Glam_Leaflet.pngRecent plans have been announced that will downgrade or close our local accident and emergency. This will result in local residents having to travel over an hour to reach their nearest A&E. Lives will be at risk unless we stop this dangerous proposal.

The Labour Welsh Government are responsible for the Welsh NHS, but the First Minister Mark Drakeford has said he is unwilling to step in and save the A&E

Will you stand with tens of thousands across our community and join with Plaid Cymru by signing our petition to protect our local NHS from Labour cuts

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Andrew Crouch
Alexander Hughes
Holly Newton
Suzanne King
Edward Newton
Marian Williams
Richard Williams
Tony Williams
Alan James
Margaret Seàrle
Eleri Thomas
Anne Thomad
Robert Berry
Diane Jeans
Wendy Jones
Barbara Richards
Elizabeth Williams
Enid Hughes
margaret holbrook
Gareth Evans
Wyn Thomas
Helen Lang
Chris Evans
Jamie Rees
Ann Davies
Judith Knighton
Geraint Davies
Dafydd Williams
Lynda Edwards
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  • Andrew Crouch
    signed 2020-02-13 09:59:47 +0000
  • Alexander Hughes
    signed 2020-02-12 21:28:36 +0000
  • Holly Newton
    signed 2020-02-12 20:24:19 +0000
  • Suzanne King
    signed 2020-02-12 19:36:42 +0000
    My family and I have used this A&E department many times and I believe that if it hadn’t been at this location my brother would have died before he received the help he needed when he had a serious RTC. Closing the department will put local residents at risk.
  • Edward Newton
    signed 2020-02-12 18:01:43 +0000
  • Marian Williams
    signed 2020-02-12 15:59:04 +0000
  • Richard Williams
    signed 2020-02-12 15:55:18 +0000
  • Tony Williams
    signed 2020-02-12 14:58:28 +0000
    With Cardiff, Merthyr and Bridgend A&E already under severe pressure, it would be a reckless act to close the A&E dept at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, which would surely lead to avoidable deaths
  • Alan James
    signed 2020-02-12 14:46:34 +0000
    Wendy Jones’s comment says it all. Mark Drakeford should reconsider his position.
  • Margaret Seàrle
    signed 2020-02-12 12:30:13 +0000
    This is a ridiculous thing to do and should not even being considered
  • Eleri Thomas
    signed 2020-02-12 12:08:27 +0000
  • Anne Thomad
    signed 2020-02-11 19:55:16 +0000
  • Robert Berry
    signed 2020-02-11 19:23:17 +0000
  • Diane Jeans
    signed 2020-02-11 19:17:52 +0000
  • Wendy Jones
    signed 2020-02-11 18:37:28 +0000
    This would be disastrous for our community Prince Charles ambulance are regularly on divert to RGH as they cant cope with the amount of patients.How will this proposal make it safer for our patients when PCH POW and UHW are at breaking point now without the extra patients that would be generated from RGH
  • Barbara Richards
    signed 2020-02-11 18:14:21 +0000
    Due to location of alternative A&E & population it serves A&E services at RGH is a necessity.
  • Elizabeth Williams
    signed 2020-02-11 17:03:39 +0000
    All A&E departments are under extreme pressure in south east Wales . Closing one will put the people of this area at unacceptable risk of harm. There must be another solution. Labour AM,s are responsible for health in Wales and cannot leave this decision to individual Health Boards.
  • Enid Hughes
    signed 2020-02-11 16:47:22 +0000
  • margaret holbrook
    signed 2020-02-11 16:31:49 +0000
  • Gareth Evans
    signed 2020-02-11 15:14:26 +0000
  • Wyn Thomas
    signed 2020-02-11 09:53:37 +0000
  • Helen Lang
    signed 2020-02-11 08:10:06 +0000
    This is a travesty. By closing the A&E department at the Royal Glamorgan it’s only going to cause an influx of extra people (especially the residents of the Llantrisant, Taff Ely area) going to the University of Hospital of Wales, A&E dept as it’s closer. How would this help exactly. It appears that no thought has been given to this at all!
  • Chris Evans
    signed 2020-02-10 15:13:25 +0000
    Chris Evans
  • Jamie Rees
    signed 2020-02-10 13:59:32 +0000
    Jamie Rees
  • Ann Davies
    signed 2020-02-10 09:19:54 +0000
  • Judith Knighton
    signed 2020-02-09 22:33:51 +0000
  • Geraint Davies
    signed via 2020-02-09 15:47:07 +0000
  • Dafydd Williams
    @DafyddWilliam17 tweeted link to this page. 2020-02-09 15:17:59 +0000
    Sign the petition: Save the Royal Glamorgan A&E
  • Dafydd Williams
    signed 2020-02-09 15:17:39 +0000
  • Lynda Edwards
    signed 2020-02-09 11:01:56 +0000