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A big thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting held at Porth Harlequins Rfc last night to discuss the future of our A&E at the Royal Glamorgan

Lots of excellent points were made & good questions asked. Thank you too to the health board representatives who came and answered questions after outlining their proposals and reasoning.

There are many questions and we could have debated for hours, but one of the key questions is around the recruitment of consultants.

The second part of the meeting was the organising / coordinating part which was not recorded and it was conducted in private - without the presence of the health board reps and the press. We discussed what we wanted to try to achieve and how we could best go about it. A member of staff from the A&E department spoke with great knowledge as to what was going on and explained to the group what they thought needed to happen next.

There was overwhelming support for the campaign to have an overall aim of keeping 24 hour consultant led A&E services at the Royal Glamorgan, to keep up political pressure on the question of doctor recruitment, with the aim of securing ten new consultants. People also expressed the need for us all to work together with other groups and across boundaries to coordinate our campaign & for people to attend as many of the various meetings as possible and to sign and share the various petitions. We must all continue to think about how best we organise ourselves to ensure people in some of the most deprived communities do not end up with second class services.


- Leanne Wood AM / AC

Watch the live stream here

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